3 Mistakes People Make Before They Move

Whether you are relocating, downsizing, need more space or are a first time home buyer, at one point in your life you will be moving. Though the idea of moving can be stressful, the actual process of moving requires a lot more effort. After organizing and planning many moves, I’ve come up with a few setbacks many people have made in their process of moving which will help prevent you from making them. If you incorporate them all, you will find yourself 1) Packed efficiently 2) Moved into your new place in less than 24 hours.


Having the right moving supplies will 100% make your moving process efficient. One to two days before your move, make sure all of the necessary moving supplies are in your home and in their desired locations. For example, the average one bedroom apartment will require 35 boxes to empty out the room. Along with those boxes you will need a permanent marker, which you will use to write what room the items in the box goes in, and moving tape. If you want to be extra detailed, you could color coordinate each room to assure that after the move, every box lands in their respective room without confusion. A great place to get free boxes is from large chain stores. Typically stores like Wal-Mart stock their shelves and when they’re done, they dispose the hundreds of boxes at night. If you’re not willing to wait around, businesses like Half Priced Boxes and U-Haul sell multiple sizes of boxes at great prices.


I understand that we live in an era where we want to do everything ourselves to save a few bucks. Sure saving money is great but what about saving time? Maybe it’s just me but saving time is way more precious. Hiring a moving company will do just that. They come in and do most of the packing and moving. Especially when it comes to moving those heavy items, movers specialize in properly packing and transporting your belongings for you to your desired location safely. Most importantly, if they damage anything, they will either replace or reimburse you for it. They also provide all of the packing supplies so there’s no need to purchase them. Moving companies usually allocate 2-3 movers for each move therefore the moving process will take less time for them to do it then for you and your buddies to do it. It’s a complete win-win.


First of all you may ask what in the world is a Professional Organizer? Well in short, Professional Organizers, Clutter Consultants or Clutter Professionals, are people who remove clutter and create functional systems in your home to prevent clutter from re-occurring. They also pack/unpack and place your belongings in a more organized way in your new home plus, they will teach you how to maintain it. Above all, organizers will make the process of moving into your new home seamless. Your new home will look like you’ve been living in it for years. Hiring an organizer will prevent your home from sheltering boxes for months.

Source by Judi Igwe

7 Roof Maintenance Tips

We all want our homes to look nice. Consequently, we invest time and money in upkeep and maintenance and spend countless hours performing jobs such as mowing, power washing, raking and even snow plowing (depending on where you may live!). And while each of these tasks take time, they are worth doing because it keeps our property at its best.

However, there is one part of the house that can be easy to overlook – primarily because we don’t always look up. Yet, the roof is one of the most important parts of our home because it is one of the first lines of defense against outside elements.

7 Roof Maintenance Tips

  1. Take time to clean out the gutters. Letting leaves and debris pile upon will result in the roofing shingles being damaged. In addition, the pile up of debris can allow water to get into the roof sheathing and cause it as well as the roof rafters to rot.
  2. Don’t allow leaves to pile up on the roof – but don’t use a pressure washer to remove them! Rather a soft car washing brush on a telescoping pole or a leaf blower wielded by a professional, can be implemented.
  3. Get rid of any moss that may be growing on your roof. A roofing contractor can apply strip to the top of your roof to prevent mold from growing.
  4. Inspect any metal areas for rust. If you find it, use a wire brush to remove it, then prime and paint with a rust resistant coating.
  5. Remove any overhanging branches as in addition to dropping leaves and twigs on to your roof, will give easy access to roof for critters such as squirrels, raccoons, and others. Ideally, any branches need to be at least 10 feet higher than your roof. Side note – not having low branches above your roof make it less likely for a thief to try to find a rooftop entry point!
  6. In the event of a hail storm or strong wind, go outside and check to see that everything is okay. Look for any curling, loose, or missing shingles as well as for any damaged flashing around the vents, chimneys, skylights and other openings.
  7. If you live a region of the country where ice and snow are common, be sure to do your part to prevent ice dams. IN the event that ice does form on your roof, don’t try to pry off the ice. Rather use a telescoping pool and work from the ground by raking the snow off.

Roof maintenance is not something to be overlooked, and should be done routinely so that you can ensure your roof last for many years. By implementing these tips you can be sure that your roof can stand the ravages of the elements. If you have questions talk to a local roof contractor or home builder to learn what you should be doing.

Source by Janet Slagell

Attracting Home Buyers with Psychology – Does it Really Work?

The concept of professional home staging isn’t a new one. In fact, it became a popular marketing tool among the real estate communities on the west coast over 30 years ago. In light of the recent housing market decline, homeowners are struggling to find creative ways to sell their home. Many real estate agents and homeowners are calling upon the services of “home stagers” to professionally prepare the house for sale. What exactly is home staging? While there are many different “tag lines,” from various sources within the industry, it can be summed up as, “using what the homeowner already has to prepare and “position” the home to appeal to the masses. A marketing tool used to facilitate a quick and profitable sale.”

With the dozens of new programs on HGTV, the home selling and buying population are taking notice of this thing called “staging.” So the question remains: Does it work? What does psychology have to do with it? The answer is yes, it does work, and psychology is a key element in preparing the home for the market. Let’s first look at the definition of “psychology.” The Webster’s dictionary definition is: “the science of the mind or of mental states and processes.” How does this apply to buying or selling a home, you ask?

It’s quite simple actually! A professional home stager will generally have the home seller pack away personal photos and momentos, remove clutter such as knick-knacks, countertop appliances, and other items that reflect THEIR lifestyle and the way THEIR family lives in the home. The stager will start with a clean slate so to speak. Through furniture placement, lighting, updated accessories and artwork, and a psychological allure referred to as “emotional connection points,” a mental process is put into play. By creating “vignettes,” or brief scenes of what life could look like, how a person might use a space, a buyer, for example, will “mentally move in” to the home. It is psychological persuasion. Here is a mental exercise to prove this point. Relax and close your eyes, imagine in your mind’s eye, a long and stressful day at work. You get home, fill the spa-tub in the Master Bath with hot water and clouds of fragrant bubbles.

You climb in for a relaxing soak, sipping a glass of wine as you watch the dancing reflections of the candle-lit room… OK, you can snap out of it now! The point is that, by using psychology…the “science of the mind,” a home stager is able to draw a prospective buyer in and help them to imagine living there themselves. By “staging” the Master Bath with fluffy towels, beautiful candles surrounding the tub, and a serving tray with a wine glass, a buyer will “emotionally connect” to this space. This is just one example, but there are many emotional connections that can be strategically implemented throughout the home.

While there are still some “non-believers” in home staging, it has been proven to be a very valuable marketing tool. It isn’t simply painting the walls and packing away extra “stuff.” In order to be successful there is that critical element of the human psyche that must be addressed.

Source by Teresa Mills-Schremm

Why Marriage Is Not From God

Humans are the only people who engage in marriage and it is only practiced by those reared in religious societies. The idea that it comes from God and that it is commanded in the bible is false and one has only to observe the animal kingdom to discover that it's lie. After my reincarnation and led by the Spirit of the Universe to find answers and rip down the wall of deceit it is the Internet that is doing most of the work.

To examine the process of how couples find each other and are hired by love to engage in producing children, and so on, one can see the fallacy of a life time commitment by contract and promises. It does not work as shown by the many divorces and domestic violence related incidences.

No one can own another person and yet that is what marriage is designed to do. It started in Babylon with the Mother God, Mary. This entity is a personification of the sun-star, which is also represented by the five-point star on the flag of Islam and on the logos of major institutions. The latter include the law, military, governments, and business.

'Marry' and Mary have the same meaning and while it once meant that men rose up to heaven after dying on crosses to fertilize her it was Constantine who made her chief God of the Catholic Church. He established that institution in the year 325 and it is based on the Islamic religion of Babylon.

It is the result of the emphasis on the New Testament that was compiled and widely written by Jerome that it has gained in favor. Until the 18th and 19th Centuries few people engaged in it. Marriage is a large and important part of getting people to believe in the religion and the false gods it worship. It is certainly not a direct from God.

Source by Norma Holt

Eliminate Interior Home Disasters

Hello and welcome to my design thoughts.

With thousands of websites, articles, newsletters and blogs on interior design, is it any wonder home design is confusing? As an artist and designer, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of fabulous information available for the curious and motivated homeowner. And Free to boot!

Keeping it simple is a little more difficult. I have visited many “designers” client homes, just to see the designers particular brand or style stamped all over the place. How do we keep our homes in the realm of our own personalities?

When you are searching for a design and or designer, first look at their product. Talk to past clients. Visualize the designers work in your private space. Does it work? Or could you have done a better job on your own and a whole lot less expensive?

I have designed many different styles. Each as individual as the client themselves. How is this done? First, you have to do the homework. A client whom states: Do whatever you like, I trust you and I will be back from Bermuda in six weeks” might be a client I may choose to steer clear of.

I will not brand my personal style on a clients home. Your home should and must reflect your personality and uniqueness. With excitement and motivation, create something totally yours, you can learn how to build a truly stunning environment all your own.

Magazines, websites other design information can be your very best friend. You have done it before, I just can see both of us searching magazines, ripping out the cool stuff and making piles…This is your start to discovering your personal style.

Build a book on these pictures. Study each picture. Circle the idea or picture which caught your eye. Put you piles of pictures in categories. i.e. living, bath, family, kitchen. Then go back and cull out the pictures which may not be as appealing. Only keep the very best. You will eventually discover what you love, whether in color, shape, size or style name. My personal style is called European Recycled…No joke.

Keep your first trial and run simple. Paint is the least expensive re-do and has an amazing impact. A fresh coat of paint is magic. Interior design can be a simple act of re-arranging or de-cluttering.

Find your magic. Love where you live. make it a peaceful and creative environment all your own.

SK Sartell

Source by SK Sartell

Heat Pumps: Benefits of Getting One for Your Home

Getting a heat pump for your home is probably one of the best investments you can make; most especially considering the extreme and fast-changing weather conditions due to global warming. So instead of spending separately on an air conditioning unit and a furnace, you can just buy a heat pump. This will then halve your expenses. It will function both as a heating and a cooling unit. So you can use it for both warm and cold weather.

But if you are not yet decided on purchasing one such equipment right now, here are some of the many benefits offered by these. Basically, they all boil down convenience, efficiency and economy.

For one, they are very economical. Since you will not be using a separate heating and cooling unit, you will half your supposed electricity consumption; thereby significantly reducing your electric bills.

Another benefit you can get from pumps is efficiency. You can program them according to your needs. For instance, you can set up which areas of you house you would want to cool or heat. Thus, those areas which you do not frequently visit will not be unnecessarily cooled or heated; thereby reducing the use of electricity. These equipment also function to normalize the humidity level in your home. So you can reduce that sticky feeling in the air. Thus, you will experience greater convenience.

It would also require less maintenance. You just have to make sure that you have it properly installed and you also use it appropriately. It can also last very long if you are able to get high-quality models and brands.

They are also good for the environment. Unlike furnaces, they do not emit carbon dioxide. It also conserves energy because it does not burn fuel. Instead, it gets warm or cool air from your immediate surroundings and just “pumps” it in your home.

These equipment also come in different models and brands. You have a wide array of choices to choose from. There are a number of models of heat pumps which will suit your preferences and heating and cooling needs. You may also find cheap models to suit your budget. However, cutting back on your budget does not necessarily mean that you will get substandard products. You just have to choose the right brand and model.

Here are other tips on how to maximize the benefits offered by this equipment.

First, you should only buy from credible companies. Read as much reviews as you can. And one of the trusted brands in heating and cooling systems is Trane. In fact, when you search the internet for reviews of heat pumps, you will find out that a Trane heat pump is actually considered as the most reliable as compared to its contemporaries.

Another factor to look at in choosing the right unit is the ratings. Look at the HSPF and SEER ratings. Then you can ask an HVAC contractor or your trusted appliance shop for guidance when it comes to these technicalities.

Source by Pieter West

Affordable Home Insurance Quotes – Making All The Savings You Can

Home insurance can be broken to simply mean an arrangement between a person and an insurance company where the person is referred to as the insured and the insurance company the insurer. The contract would state what the insurer would offer and this would include cover against damage to the building caused by an agreed upon set of perils. It would also state what the insured would have expected to pay to qualify for this cover. Any exceptions should be clearly stated. There is also the liability cover that would provide cover for the insured in the case of liabilities from accidents or injuries that occurs in the building. The cost of getting covered causes a lot of people to seek cheaper coverage with free home insurance quotes.

For many, after life insurance, the next most important coverage is home insurance. Everyone is entitled to their views. We can not however dispute the fact that many people make their biggest investment in their homes and therefore would do everything to protect it. Such an investment should certainly be protected. Apart from the building itself, there is the value of the properties we have been acquiring through the years even if the value is emotional.

Assumptions can be expensive here. Do not assume that any policy called home insurance provides you full coverage. You would always find exclusions. When something is excluded, it means that you have no cover against that peril. Let me elaborate. If you have a policy that excludes flooding, then you can not make a claim if your home is flooded and things damaged. Knowing what exclusions are there in your policy is therefore very important. When you have looked through your policy and found that you need coverage against one of the perils listed in the exclusives, you can then get additional cover for that.

When you have gotten an affordable home insurance coverage it does not end there. To be sure you are still enjoying affordable coverage, you need to keep tabs on your policy. A very important thing to keep doing is to go through your policy from time to time. We know that the value of things can either increase of reduce. Your policy should be necessary for the correct value at all times. Another thing to note is that when you make a claim, it may not be honored without some things right. Maintaining your home is your responsibility. Making a claim on damages caused by something you did or did not do is one sure way of not receiving compensation. Your insurer expects you to do what you can to avoid any damage. As you do all you can to avoid damages, you would also earn discounts from your insurer.

Some ways of increasing the safety of your home include installing fire alarms, smoke detectors sprinklers etc. Doing this, you would also reduce your rates.

When you review your policy regularly, you would also be making sure that you are not paying more that you should. Getting and comparing free home insurance quotes should be your next line of action once you are done reviewing your policy. Getting and comparing free home insurance quotes would help you know whether to continue with your insurer or if you would be making much more saving by moving to another.

Take your home insurance coverage very seriously.

Source by Chimerenka Odimba

Market Your Home Like A Pro

Professional advertisers tend to pull in excellent salaries due to the fact that they know how to sell anything. When it comes to selling your own home, start thinking like a pro.

Marketing is the key to selling your own home, and whether you work for a multi billion dollar advertising agency, or whether you simply want to sell your home, the tricks of the trade remain the same.

By now, you have probably heard all about posting flyers all across your town and placing a few signs upon your lawn, but there are some other advertising tactics that you may not have thought about yet. Sometimes, selling your home can border on the obsessive when it comes to marketing and advertising, but know this – those that go to all extents to market their home often come out on top. If you want to sell your home for the price that you have in mind, keep reading.

Let’s start with the internet. There are MLS listings and other paid services that are certainly worth your time, and then there are those websites that many people don’t seem to think about when selling their home. Free sites such as Craigslist, Backpage, and MyFizbo are all excellent ways to begin marketing your home. Posting on any of the above sites is easy and self explanatory, and in most cases listing your home will only take a few moments of your time.

Websites are a great place to start, but there are other tricks that any superb advertiser will have up their sleeves, and that excellent advertising guru is about to be you. Head to your local office store and order a set of business cards with all your home information listed on them. Once your business cards are all ready to go, take the habit of putting a card inside of every piece of mail that you send out. The idea here is to generate “word of mouth,” which is also known as “priceless, free, advertising.” Love the idea of creating your own business cards? Just wait – there are a few more, excellent, attention grabbing tips coming up.

The next thing that you will need to do is to become an email pro. Use your email in the same way that you would use the post, and start to send out weekly email flyers. Think about all those people that you have emailed over the years – how many of them are looking for a home right now? Advertising is the key to selling your home, and though it may seem frustrating at times do not give up. Keep on thinking of new and inventive ways to sell your home, and you will have more potential buyers than you can handle in no time at all.

Source by Raynor James

Top 5 Home Improvement Flops

It's not really fun to review home design flops because they might have affected more people than we know. Someone comes along with a great idea and then has everyone trying it. That's when issues start to arise. By then, it's too late for those who have already given it a go.

If you knew the problems you would have faced before, you probably would not have put heart and soul into it if you still went that direction at all. So, here are a few tips from years of experience. You just never know when they will come in handy.

Flat Roofs

The first bad idea I want to address has been a pet peeve of mine since I was a kid. It was a pet peeve even way back then because my father was in construction and I learned about it. If I had been anyone else's kid, I would have just found flat roofs to be an interesting concept that should never have been tried.

Now, as long as the roof has a slant, of course there is no problem. But, I have seen flush flat roofs in my time and I could not believe a builder or an owner did not think that a flat roof with no place for water to go might be a bad idea. Welcome to water damage and catching rain in buckets in only a few short years.

Wall Mounted Television

Hey, I have a plasma screen mounted on my wall at home too. But, it sits at eye level. It's not up by the ceiling where my entire family could get a crick in their neck for watching on family night.

If you want to mount a television high in the bedroom where you might be reclined most of the time while you watch, that's fine. But, in the living room where most viewers will be seated on chairs and couches is a bad idea. It takes the fun out of viewing when you stand up and your head is stuck facing the ceiling.


Now, flowers are great. I can not say anything bad about having some flowers around the house. But, I have seen it way overdone. Flowers on all the wallpaper. Flowers hanging in every room, in every corner. Flowers standing behind every piece of furniture and then on top of all the furniture too. Stop! It's enough already.

Faux Wall Covering

There are actually some great designs that I have pushed on people in the past. But, recently I walked into someone's basement and found the wall had been ripped. It's an eyesore when you have a plastic brick wall that has a rip in the center of it. Who thought of that? When we have real brick used in thin layers to make an inside wall look like it was built with brick, why would anyone opt for a plastic look that could rip?

Build Around It

There are plenty of you who may not like this last objection, but it only comes from experience. I think that benches and buildings built around trees look great too. However, I would never do it. A few years will show you what I mean after your bench has been split apart by a still growing tree that is much stronger than the screws and nails you used to put it together.

There are many more faux pas I've seen over the years that are not mentioned here. There are too many to count from my experience. One day when I'm ready to write a book on the subject, I'll have more than enough material to fill an encyclopedia.

Source by Jessica Brylan

Embark on a Tour to Mikhail Bulgakov's Bad Little Flat

Russia is distinct among the most uncommon nations on the planet, with practically incomparable depth of social and authentic wealth, and scenes that have propelled craftsmen and artists for eras. One of such great place to behold in Russia is "the little bad flat" of Mikhail Bulgakov.

An abode turned into a museum

In the fall of 1921, a youthful author Mikhail Bulgakov, with his first spouse Tatiana Lappa turned his first home in Moscow in a little room of a gigantic public flat. Here he composed his first abstract works daily.

Also, although he moved to another level in summer of 1924 the very picture of the odd collective level frequented Bulgakov and his works for a long time especially, "The Master and Margarita," the novel which deified the house and its occupants)

In this manner, the essayist's first address – Bolshaya SadoVaya road, 10, house â "- 50 – turned into the first and final Memorial Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov in Moscow.

Mikhail Bulgakov and the Master and Margarita Museums in Moscow

In Moscow, two exhibition halls respect the memory of Mikhail Bulgakov and The Master and Margarita. Both are situated in Bulgakov's old house on Bolshaya Sadovaya road number 10. Since the 1980s, the building has turned into a social affair spot for Bulgakov's fans, and had different sorts of spray painting scribbled on the walls.

The Bulgakov House

The Bulgakov House is located at the ground floor. It contains individual effects, photographs, and a few presentations identified with Bulgakov's life and his diverse works. Different lovely and artistic occasions are regularly held, and trips to Bulgakov's Moscow are sorted out, some of which are energized with living characters of The Master and Margarita. Bulgakov House The Additionally runs the Theater MA Bulgakov with 126 seats, and the Café 302-bis.

In a similar working, in loft number 50 on the fourth floor, is a moment historical center that keeps alive the memory of Bulgakov, the Museum MA Bulgakov. This second historical center is an administration activity, and was established on March 26, 2007.

The Museum MA Bulgakov contains individual effects, photographs, and a few displays identified with Bulgakov's life and his distinctive works. Different idyllic and artistic occasions are regularly held.

If anybody wishes to get the genuine feel Russia then visiting the bad little flat is a superb approach, for Bulgakov is a man who beyond all doubt cherished his city. He passes on his sheer enthusiasm for a period and a place to peruse through his horde of characters and demanding depictions of life around then.

Summarily, Russia is the most crowded city in Europe and the fifth biggest city on the planet. In history and leaked scattered with old Appearances , beautiful structures, Moscow is an essential town in Russia and one 's you'll recollect until the end of time. With such a variety of extraordinary sights to see, your outing to Moscow is sure to be an exceptional one.

Source by Valentina Stephanenko